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Gribbin & Bear

Artisan Preservers

Gribbin & Bear are producers of handmade jams, cordials, chutneys and other seasonal preserves based in Adlington, Lancashire.

Everything we make is crafted by hand

and in small batches using traditional methods and natural ingredients.  Our ethos is to make the most of seasonal produce and use preservation techniques to make something a little bit special.

As we are a small producer this sometimes means that we need to open up a waiting list for some of our products at busy times.

Gribbin & Bear are becoming known for making luxury, handcrafted small batch cordials.  We make all our cordials on a seasonal basis so once the last bottle is gone it's gone until we start again the following year!  

Gribbin & Bear have started working in partnership with retails outlets.  Please go on to our stockists page to find out if there us aGribbin & Bear stockist near you.  We also have a small online shop which has been dedicated to our Gribbin & Bear cordials.  This will soon be expanding so that you will be able to purchase some of our other seasonal preserves.

Our full range of  Gribbin & Bear products also varies throughout the year with the changes of the season.  You may not be able to get hold of your favourite product all year around but we will always have something seasonal to delight your tastebuds and enjoy.


For any enquiries, contact Barbara at


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